Heart & Soul

What is Heart & Soul?

Heart & Soul is an auditioned subset of the Peninsula Community Chorus. Heart & Soul sings songs with tight harmonies and songs which work well with a small group.

How can I join?

A singer must be in the Peninsula Community Chorus to audition for Heart & Soul. The director decides when to audition new singers for Heart & Soul. The most important requirement is to be able to blend with the other voices and participate in rehearsals and concerts.

History of the Group

In 1994, our first director, Fred De Boer, established a small audition-only group, the Foster City Chorale, now known as Heart & Soul. The chorale became so well known that it was invited to perform at the White House in December, 1995. In the past, various organizations have hired Heart & Soul to sing at different venues in Northern California. Currently, Heart & Soul rehearses after the Peninsula Community Chorus on Tuesday evenings from 9:30-10:00 pm and performs a short set during the concerts.

image of the heart and soul group singing