Spring Concert 2024

Stories in Song

Welcome to our 2024 Spring Concert!

In this concert we highlight the power of music in storytelling and how that combination can connect and inspire us in powerful ways. Thank you for joining us!

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Concert Program

Peninsula Community Chorus

Heart & Soul


Peninsula Community Chorus

Peninsula Community Chorus

Direction by Erin Moore
Accompanied by Anna Khaydarova
Singers: *** denotes Heart & Soul


Louise Anderson
Barbara Barrett
Therese Curotto
Rhonda Dunten ***
Kimberley Farrar
Marina Fernandez
Ellen Fiebert ***
Patty Grewell ***
Kerry Hansell
Wynne Hegarty
Daniela Herrera
Carol Hsia
Fiona Hyland
Diane Keefer ***
Elena Kozak
Denise Lechthaler-Savasta
Tyng Loh
Mandy Munnell
Christine M. Niccoli ***
Andrea Ramirez
Lourdes Retes-Richardson
Diane Smerdel
Frances Szlapka ***
Nancy Tai
Susan Tunstall
April Wallach ***


Sara Baldeschwieler
Susan Bell ***
Marie Carbonneau
Juliet Chan
Patricia Cost
Maureen Dooley
Rey Friel ***
Trish Goity
Reiko Kataoka
Melanie Kim
Carole Larsen
Maureen C. Leland ***
Sue Lopez
Ann Lucero
Marcia Mehl
Erica Pitsch
Marcy Rattner
Elise Ruark ***
Betty Schlaepfer
Martha Simmons ***
Regine Staufenberg
Beth WeissKaren Wells
Lynn Yap
Joanna Yong


Jiabing Ding
Ann Kopari ***
Diana Krippendorf
Byron Mau ***
Robin Montoya
N.g Pasternak
Allan Phillips
Amanda Ranz ***
Ryca Rein
Suzanne Saint-Onge Correa ***
Susan Willis
Mary Lynn Wilson ***


Gerard Aarons ***
Don Colliver
Tom Feledy ***
George Finklang
Ed Grohe ***
Sean Gross ***
William Howland ***
Christian LesterKevin McMunigal
Gustavo Pinto ***
Peter Thielen


Dylan Escudero: Guitar
Miguel Leyva: Bass
Mike Savasta: Drums
Tom Woo: Trumpet

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Rey Friel
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Kevin McMunigal
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Karen Thistlethwaite
April Wallach
Joanna Yong
Friend (Up to $99)
Stephen Anderson
Richard Corbell
Patricia Cost
Tom Feledy - in memory of Pat Muller
Marina Fernandez
Ellen Fiebert - in memory of Pat Muller
Sean Gross
Kerry Hansell
Diane Kiefer - in memory of Pat Muller
Ann Kopari
Elena Kozak - in memory of Pat Muller
Diana Krippendorf
Sue Lopez - in memory of Pat Muller
Marcia Mehl - in memory of Pat Muller
Gus Pinto - in memory of Pat Muller
Andrea Ramirez
Betty Schlaepfer - in memory of Pat Muller
Nancy Tai - in memory of Pat Muller
Peter Thielen
April Wallach - in memory of Pat Muller
Beth Weiss - in memory of Pat Muller
Tyler Willis
Mary Lynn Wilson - in memory of Pat Muller
Joanna Yong - in memory of Pat Muller